Fair & Lovely BB Cream Price and Review

Fair & Lovely BB Cream Price and Review: So, this post is specifically for our Asian readers; I know what obsession of fairness means, I’ve seen it around me and to be downright honest, it annoys me to a whole new level. I fail to understand how people can dislike their own complexions when every single color of skin is so, so beautiful. But, since this isn’t a blog about my opinions on life and people— and my job is to review make-up products for you guys AND you asked for this review A LOT, I ultimately decided to test this bb cream (against my better judgment and comfort zone, I should mention).

Fair & Lovely BB Cream Price and Review
Fair & Lovely BB Cream Price and Review

I’ll be very blunt about it; I bought the smallest packaging of this stuff because I knew that even if it turned out good, I wouldn’t be using it again (if it was possible to obtain this cream in just a few drops, that’s what I would’ve done). So, as far as I understand this product, it’s like a mixture of a very light foundation and fair cream (I cannot stop myself from grimacing when I use the words ‘fairness’ and ‘cream’ in a single sentence). Its consistency is very moderate; it’s not too thick, not too watery but there is something very sticky about it. For one thing, it doesn’t feel right on the skin and for another, it doesn’t look very natural either.

I can’t say, maybe the chalked up look that I ended up getting was what you guys are hoping for? On a side note, how do you guys plan on matching this newly acquired face color with that of your neck and hands? (Or actually any other part of your skin that might be showing)

Well, this bb cream does come super cheap: 179 Rupees, which would be the equivalent of I think… a dollar or so? This product is really too much of everything for my taste: too much like adhesive, too white, too artificial, and too cheap. I know I sound mean, but really, it’s not just the fact that I’m biased against these things (although that might have a slight effect).

At the end of this very angry review, I would like to say, that if having a lighter skin tone makes you feel better about yourself, then not me, not anyone ever has the right to tell you otherwise. I think that feeling more comfortable in our bodies is what we all are striving for anyway, so if this makes you happy then don’t feel bad on my account. Fair and Lovely BB Cream Review table is on your way. If you’ve any question regarding Fair and Lovely BB Cream you can ask us in the comment section.

Fair & Lovely BB Cream Table

Ratings4.5 Stars
Price Under 2 Dollars
Where to buyOfficial Website and Local Stores
User Ratings5 Stars



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