Huda Beauty Makeup Products Prices and Reviews

Huda Beauty Makeup Products Price and Reviews
Huda Beauty Makeup Products Price and Reviews

Huda Beauty Makeup Products Price and Reviews, We bring you out the latest huda beauty makeup product prices and reviews hope you’ll like it. Here you go with the best in the business..!

Huda Beauty Contour & Strobe Lip Set Price and Review

I cannot even begin to tell how pretty these lip strobes are, but since you purposefully come here to read my rants, I’ll praise these lip sets until your eyes bleed!

I’m probably gonna say it now: Huda Beauty products have achieved a very special place in my heart by now; except their over the top prices, there is almost nothing I dislike about them and you never hair a pessimist say that, now do you?

Huda Beauty Makeup Products Price and Reviews
Huda Beauty Makeup Products Price and Reviews

All the hues are so beautiful, it’s actually quite impossible to not like even one shade. But I do have to say Bombshell and Ritzy took the cake for me (I mean, in a circumstance where I’d had pick one couple) but every color is gorgeous in its own way.

The formula is very nice and comfortable, it stays on all day and doesn’t make your lips feel like shit; it doesn’t taste or smell like a lab experiment gone wrong either. The lip-liner is very nice and accurate; I had no problem with any of the products in this set. The lip strobe glides on easily and makes your lips look like they’re out of this world honestly.

The price of this kit is 25$ which isn’t cheap or not even an average price really; but the product is so good and satisfying and you’re basically getting three items for that cost, so I say go for it. I would feel like a sinner just by considering not buying it.

Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Price and Review

I don’t even know where to begin with this one… I kind of already had a hunch that I’d be marrying this palette when I saw the color selections. I swear… the desert dusk palette ain’t got nothing on these shades!

I still cannot believe how pigmented and gorgeous all the hues in this collection are; they’re so creamy, blendable and long-lasting I refuse to accept the fact that Huda’s other products are buzzing all over the makeup world and these aren’t!

Huda Beauty Makeup Products Price and Reviews
Huda Beauty Makeup Products Price and Reviews

So, the palettes that called to me the most were Warm Brown and Mauve and I don’t even have words. There isn’t a single color in both these kits that I have anything against, which is saying a lot since I’m a grumpy, prejudiced weirdo. The eyeshades settle so nicely and stay on all day.

What I’m genuinely surprised about is that a product this good and belonging to Huda’s name brand can come well… so reasonably priced. I know this is a mini-palette, but these are truly the colors you’d be using more frequently and on a daily basis. I have to add that the Smoky palette is also something I want to give a try, but the Electric one is something I’d throw out the window immediately.

27$ for such an amazing eyeshade selection, with such good quality and well, it being from Huda’s brand is like the ultimate bargain of bargains! I totally recommend this, no questions.

 Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation Price and Review

Everybody is going crazy over this foundation and I’m glad to say I can totally see why; this product is liquid magic for your skin!

Since I like to think of myself as more of a realist, I was very ready to test this foundation as critically as possible. You know how some very big brands release some very shit products and they sell out like nuts just because of the hype; I’m pretty psyched to report that this foundation is nothing short of a miracle worker!

Huda Beauty Makeup Products Price and Reviews
Huda Beauty Makeup Products Price and Reviews

It’s basically the perfect amount of everything a foundation needs to be! Not to dewy, not to matte, blends in so, so easily and doesn’t get cakey with time. It has such great coverage; my skin is suffering along with the weather but this foundation saved my butt. I usually don’t get along with foundation (I go for BB or CC creams to keep the no-makeup look intact) but this product made me forget all of the reasons behind my prejudice of foundations in general.

It looks so natural and bestows the skin that effortless, flawless glow. The best part is that you don’t even need concealer with this thing; you can double it up and just cover every blemish, scar or flaw on your face.

I feel like this foundation is truly worth its 40$ price and I rarely say that about expensive products. If it does fall within your makeup budget, I totally, completely recommend you to purchase it!